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Spin in the Studio AND Online with Us

If you have a bike at home, or access to a bike, you can spin with us LIVE or recorded. Once the studio opens, we will continue with LIVE classes so you can spin with us in studio OR at home. 

Pay As you Go £10 an online class or with an unlimited monthly subscription for £34.50, you can get a 50+ min spin class at home. Our signature classes incorporate a cardio workout with sprints, endurance and hiits, whilst building strength, muscle tone and bone density ... and all while having a party on a bike. What's there not to love?

To join, download our app and sign up to a class via our live schedule or subscribe using the app or link below. Message us if you have any questions.

CyClub on Demand.PNG

Watch Prerecorded Videos


Screen mirror to your TV


Be part of a community


Burn some serious calories!


All you need is a phone, Instagram and headphones!

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