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Indoor cycling classes to pumping music with experienced instructors. A full body low impact workout with high intensity!


  • Variety – Our instructors all have their own ‘style’ of teaching with their own selection of music. Variety is the spice of life! Mix it up. 

  • Experience – Our instructors are all fully qualified in indoor cycling with many years of experience and training.

  • Cameraderie – We’re not about the bikes but really about the experience. Sure, you can do a virtual spin on your own, but we’ve discovered the fun and the output when the special chemistry of the group gets together.

  • Service – We pride ourselves in our personal service in helping you get set up, attaching cleats to spin shoes (free of charge) to running a half-term babysitting service

  • Family and Friends – At The CyClub, friends can sit next to friends, husbands with wives, moms with daughters … you get the idea! Even better, at The CyClub you will find you make new friends as you see familiar faces regularly. Our studio is relaxed and informal.

  • No Contract – Pay as You Go means you only need to commit to every class you book. No contracts, no membership fee’s, no registration fee’s, no admin fee’s. Just spin.

  • Location – In North London in Hampstead Garden Suburb, we’re on the North Circular and easily accessible to the surrounding areas of Finchley, Hendon, Highgate, Golder’s Green by car, bus or tube.


Spinning or indoor cycling is a low impact, high intensity full body workout taking place on a stationary bike.

It was discovered by South African, Johnny G, in 1987 when he was training for a cross-country bicycle race called "The Race Across America". During night training he was nearly killed on the road, so he decided to bring his training indoors where spinning was born!

Why do we love it?

  • It offers both interval training and endurance training improving both weight loss and fitness

  • The low impact nature is great for those with injuries.

    • Problem knees? Indoor cycling is the most recommended form of exercise by knee surgeons for those recovering from knee injuries

    • Problem back? Keen your handlebar higher to alleviate pressure on your back

  • It’s fun! The music combined with cycling and a motivating instructor has led to the global spinning sensation across the globe! Spin studios are often dark with nightclub-style lighting creating an experience.

  • You are in control! You can customise your class by controlling your own resistance. The result? different ages, gender and fitness level can all attend the same class

Spinning has been around for three decades and is here to stay!

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When LA Fitness in Finchley was taken over by Pure Gym and closed for refurbishment, Sharon Jaffe (a spinner and marketing consultant) and Hilary (Hils) Bentwood (an instructor and PT) got chatting and decided to create a pop-up solution. In about 2 weeks, across the globe using only Whatsapp, they got bikes, a venue, instructors, a brand oh … and some email addresses of desperate spinners.

The CyClub kicked off on the first of January 2016 for six months at The Stables with 16 bikes. This later grew to 22 bikes and they rebranded as The CyClub as more and more people discovered the special atmosphere, fun and results.

Sharon and Hils decided to take the plunge and open a permanent studio on June 19th in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Both are very passionate about the difference spinning makes to all those who come through their doors. Every single person has their own journey and matters, making The CyClub a place where people really make the difference.

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