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What makes us different to other Spinning Classes?

12 classes, 6 days a week.

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Located in North London, The CyClub offers Pay As You Go spinning classes. This is a fun, low impact and high energy full body workout on a bike in a dimly lit room with pumping beats! We are open seven days a week and offer regular classes, beginner classes and even teen classes! Come and discover the joy of spinning.

Our Classes focus on riding to the rhythm of the music with competitive data. We focus on a full body workout on the bike, using the correct posture, bike settings and technique. You will develop cardio fitness as well as muscle strength, muscle tone and improved bone density. Plus ... you will have fun doing it! 

We offer in studio classes as well as virtual classes LIVE on Instagram. We also have a library of pre-recorded classes availabed with a monthly subscription. You can spin live or On Demand, at home or in the studio, Pay As You Go or subscription. So many choices especially in this new era of post-pandemic fitness. 



45 Market Place, London NW11 6JT, UK

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